About us

Distinct, thorough & personal.

Koala Korporates is an independent film production company with a focus on short, powerful, corporate films. We develop films from the conceptual stage up to the final product and are specialized in making professional organizations visible. It is our mission to create powerful films, both contentwise and visually, that contribute to healthy and operational goals.

We stand for an efficient and personal method of working with quality as our starting-point. This means that films are produced straightforwardly and well-organized. Custom quotes will always be created after having identified the requirements and preferably after an informal introductory meeting. Moreover we work exclusively with ambitious and professional filmmakers who are always prepared to give it just ‘that little bit of extra.’

Koala Korporates has a great diversity of clients. Think of (semi)public organizations, like for instance municipalities and the educational and care sector, but commercial businesses and foundations are also among our clients.